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 Chris Lenfert...

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PostSubject: Chris Lenfert...   Chris Lenfert... EmptyFri Aug 05, 2011 1:36 pm

I miss are things?

Chris Lenfert... 030-1
Chris L. wrote:
Owen's skatings been on decline for a while..........I'm the only real up and comer left in this town. CL09 Champ!
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Chris L.

Chris L.

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PostSubject: Re: Chris Lenfert...   Chris Lenfert... EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 2:11 pm

This isn't Chris, but rather Chris's publicist. Needless to say things are going very well for Mr. Lenfert. How else could he afford to pay a single mother like myself a significant enough salary to feed my 6 kids, and still have enough money left over to dock our small yacht all year long in Horsetooth Reservoir. With that said he would like me to convey the following message; and I quote:

"Suuuuup Seth DigglediDizzDawwwg? Things are going well. I'm staying busy with my graphic design business, enjoying the summer in Fort Collins, and generally having sweet times. I miss the Indy crew and it's a real bummer that when I do come in, there's not much time for skating and hanging. On the skating side of things I've been out of commission recently something strange happened to my back about a month ago and It's still not healed up so I may have to break down and see a doctor soon. I didn't get to go on the Colorado Road Trip, which is a good time with a lot of excellent skaters in awesome mountain town skateparks. Fair trade off though, because my brothers came into town and we went swimming, cliff diving, tubing, drinking, biking, and played a lot of old school video games. How's the married life treating you? If you guys ever want to visit the sunshine state give me a call."

I hope that information is helpful to you Seth. Mr. Lenfert sends his kind regards.
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PostSubject: Re: Chris Lenfert...   Chris Lenfert... EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 6:33 pm


Chris, you never disappoint

Chris Lenfert... Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6-TAOwKKNXxj-eOSBtfUJx6qAxHF_YSDBkE75GaSeJDCVF7et
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PostSubject: Re: Chris Lenfert...   Chris Lenfert... Empty

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Chris Lenfert...
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