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 Spots around Indianapolis & small update.

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PostSubject: Spots around Indianapolis & small update.   Sat May 29, 2010 1:20 am

so i haven't been able to skate really since December. i've ventured out a few times, today being one of those days Laughing

i skated Major Taylor alone for an hour, carving the transitions, airing out, gaping the extensions and fakie 180s over the launch box.

i slid half of the long ledge soul and mizou each, only tried each once. felt pretty solid, but i won't be trying it again until the middle of next month. i shouldn't have skated today, my stitches haven't even dissolved yet. but i was very careful. it was fun and it felt great to be outside and active. i've been staying indoors for almost 6 months now Sad

so anyways, i started this thread to show some untouched or forgotten skate spots i've stumbled across as i drive around Indianapolis for non-rollerblading reasons. i do not claim any credit for finding these, as i've seen a few of them in clips recently so i know others have found them first. but the photos are building up on my phone and i need to dump them somewhere.

here they are:

Nestled in between 82nd St. and I-465, southeast of the mall:

Ritter and Brookville Rd.:

cement ledges, paint looks smooth up close, needs wax, though. it's in the hood, i think it's next to a halfway house. it would be good to skate before 12 pm otherwise it might not be a safe place to have any kind of camera equipment.

28th and MLK Jr. Blvd.:

flat rails, pretty low. landing is decent and goes into a low traffic street.

Brookside Park:

aluminum, kind of high. very mellow. the steps are long, as is the flat. beware the ICP fans that hang around the area. likelihood of being able to buy meth in the area: 100%

Brookside Pkwy. South Drive, just west of N. Rural St.:

21 stair, kinda steep. brand new cement, rail is painted and looks very fast. the house is for sale, not sure if someone lives in it right now.

i hope someone makes good use of the info and pictures. post photos or clips if you go. i'll update this post every so often. sometimes i forget my phone has a camera built in, i've seen many other spots that i didn't get shots of yet. Very Happy
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Spots around Indianapolis & small update.
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